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Simon's Summer Morning

Chef's Note:

"It began with fire... nothing else. A simple means for Friday night entertainment. Steak & potatoes turned into a herb crusted crown roast & risotto. Chicken soup transformed into hand-made noodles with a 12-hour Tonkotsu stock. Pork chops matured into home-cured Italian Lonza... it's ok, go look it up. It has all evolved from there into the full blown, small scale production of hand made artisan cured & smoked meats such as salami, coppa, culatello, hams, bacons, sausages and many other charcuterie items. Simon’s experiences have forged a life around fire for the past 20+ years, leading to a stellar reputation in the food industry known for open fire cooking, catering, cooking competitions, large food festivals and of course his own meat production under his brand Roast Specialty Meats. His passion for cooking has only inspired him to keep exploring the love & craft of food that keeps creating new experiences that keep the fire blazing!"


2 English muffins, halved
4 slices of s ham
150g spinach, wilted
4 eggs, poached
125g butter
2 tsp wine vinegar
1 egg yolk
25g spicy pork sausage(Nduja)


1. First make the nduja hollandaise. Melt butter in microwave. In a small
saucepan, whisk together vinegar and egg yolk. Add a few tablespoons of the
melted butter.
2. Warm the pan over a very low heat, continuing to whisk as you slowly drizzle
in the remaining butter. The hollandaise will thicken, like a runny
mayonnaise.* Beware if the heat is too high, the eggs will cook through and
scramble so you'll need to start again.
3. Remove from heat and stir in the nduja. Taste and add a little more if you
prefer it even spicier!
4. Toast the muffin halves. Top with spinach, ham, a freshly poached egg, and
finish with a couple of spoons of hollandaise