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Loshusan eCommerce will be open on Saturday June 26 until 4pm and on Sunday June 27 until NOON.


Loshusan Heroes

As we celebrate Heroes Day in Jamaica, words cannot express the admiration and gratitude that we feel for all of our Loshusan team members who have worked selflessly during the Covid pandemic. Their courage during these uncertain times and tireless efforts to provide food for families, in simple words, has been quite heroic. Though we could not show everyone, the mask-less faces that you are seeing today, from both our New Kingston and Barbican locations, are being celebrated for their selfless dedication and the level of service that they have brought to the retail, food industry during this difficult time.  
Our cashiers and Customer Service departments show up daily in their masks and face-shield armor to serve our customers and put smiles on their faces. The procurement buyers work constantly to source products in the midst of many factory shortages, while our merchandising staff work continuously to replenish the shelves, at times foregoing their lunch times to provide for our customers. Our in-house sanitation crews continue to work nightly to disinfect the stores, all with your family’s protection in mind. The genuine care that each and every one of our staff members has displayed to our customers during the COVID pandemic, has meant so much to myself and my family.  
To our beloved staff, even before the country deemed you an “essential” worker, the Loshusan team already knew this. Even before face masks became mandatory and were determined to be a legitimate barrier against fighting the Covid-19 virus, you were on the frontlines everyday, sacrificing your own safety and well-being in this crisis. For that, we are eternally grateful. Without you, we could not do what we do. Your work is vital for getting us through these times and you deserve to feel proud of the huge impact that you are creating across our communities and country.


Thank you for your dedication….We salute you,our #TeamLoshusan heroes!